Spreading The Happiness Advantage

Website Worklist

Here is our current to-do list:

  1. Design a structured and normalized database. It is currently a bunch of flat files generated by the report tool.
  2. Design, develop and implement admin reports for GET INVOLVED.
  3. Form email confirmation - misspelled "identical" as "identival"
  4. Evaluate designing a consolidated volunteer submission form vs. the way it is today w/ several forms.
  5. Post marketing material templates / research and implement file download capability
  6. Develop QRC bar code for MY JOURNAL page; use to populate registration number and location
  7. Develop smart phone app for MY JOUNAL entry
  8. Fix order of TAB advance on all forms
  9. Added pic of founder on MEET THE FOUNDER page; misc edits
  10. Consolidated ADDITIONAL SITE LINKS on the homepage
  11. Addeda Follow us on facebook link to the GET INVOLVED page
  12. Updated OUR LEGACY page (e.g. increased map size, modified map parameters, removed about map, etc.)
  13. Cleaned up site copywrite (e.g., removed Joomlart and Joomla)
  14. Add photo to Meet the Founder page
  15. Add facebook link on homepage
  16. Develop new favicon for the site
  17. Add new Home Office Gifting Process description
  18. Create FaceBook page
  19. Design and develop the initial LEGACY section.
  20. Add Google Map
  21. Content review and updates to site
  22. Add business plan content
  23. Add NEWS page to post all archived news articles
  24. Add News Archive
  25. Update google map to have people clusters vs. circles
  26. Include JOIN US in large tabs in lieu of WHO WE ARE
  27. Turn off site cache so database updates display immediately
  28. Update Dashboard so number of registered books and name registry data pull from database
  29. Reduce the size of the tabbed JA-slider on the HOME PAGE .
  30. Complete grammatical review and update of site content.
  31. Add Google map feature tied to book registry
  32. Update map pic in Ja-slider window
  33. Update order of city, state, zipcode, country on all forms

 I will update list as new things come up and items are worked.

- Frank