Spreading The Happiness Advantage

What Is It

The Happiness Advantage

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“The Happiness Advantage” is a best-selling book by Shawn Achor that describes the quantifiable benefits people receive from applying the principles and concepts of positive psychology in their daily lives. The book describes how anyone can capitalize on having a happiness advantage to improve performance and maximize potential.  

Traditional psychology is the study of what is wrong with humans, and therefore inherently negative. Conversely, positive psychology is the study of everything that is right with humans. Shawn Achor takes a light hearted approach to explaining positive psychology and provides a series of exercises you can do to receive the benefits from having a happiness advantage.

In today's economy, this is one way you can differentiate yourself from everyone else. Whether in your personal or professional life, young or old, rich or poor, etc. you can improve your life by understanding and applying the concepts detailed in “The Happiness Advantage”.

The concept of the The Happiness Advantage is explained in a short 13 minute video on YouTube; click HERE to view it.