Spreading The Happiness Advantage

My Journal

This area of our site captures anonymous feedback from those who have read the book, the stories of other acts inspired by the book, and the movement itself.

All of the feedback received (e.g., good, bad or indifferent) is totally anonymous and will be shared with the community at large. All we ask for is your city, state and postal zip code so we can track the movement of that specific copy of “The Happiness Advantage”.

For each person lucky enough to be gifted a copy of “The Happiness Advantage”, that copy’s individual registration number will enable you to see the history and legacy it has left for previous ‘owners’ of the book.  If you are the first recipient, you will be able to follow the book’s course through peoples’ lives as they leave comments and testimonials after reading it.

Because we know of the lasting effect of The Happiness Advantage, we have also left space for you to be able to return to the site at any time in the future to add an additional journal entry.