Spreading The Happiness Advantage

Gifting Process

The following describes the gifting process from our home office in North Carolina.

STEP 1: A name is selected from the Name Registry on the site.

STEP 2: We generate a registration number for this specific copy of “The Happiness Advantage” being gifted by entering the city, state, zip code and country of the book's destination in to the site’s NAME REGISTRY.

STEP 3: The registration number is added to our book label template and the labels are printed in sets of three registration numbers. For the book labels we use the Avery 58164 product.

book sticker

STEP 4: Two printed labels are affixed in each book. One label is applied on the first blank page of the book inside the cover, and a second label is applied to the bottom of page 210 as a reminder for readers to make a journal entry on our website.

STEP 5: A cover letter is printed, signed, tri-folded and inserted inside the front cover of the book along with two movement business cards. Refer to cover letter illustration below, and to the Marketing section of our BUSINESS PLAN for an example of the movement's business cards.

book letter

The book is shipped to the recipient in a padded envelope.

NOTE:  When a new registration number is generated by the site, the ‘books gifted count’ on the homepage dashboard is automatically updated from the database.  Currently I have to enter the map locations of the books manually.  I hope to have someone develop the functionality to automatically do this in the near future.