Spreading The Happiness Advantage

About Us

Philanthropy was once reserved for the top income earners in this country; however that is no longer true. Anyone can be a philanthropist given the definition to the left, and random acts of kindness are a terrific way to practice philanthropy. That's why we established this website.

My supporters and I are dedicating our time and resources to start this movement that is helping others by spreading The Happiness Advantage. Who we are is not important. What we stand for and what we are trying to accomplish is! Showing others how to increase their level of positivity is a very important objective given the current state of our economy and of society in general.

Shawn Achor lays out a very clear path in his book, “The Happiness Advantage”, that anyone can follow (e.g., young or old, rich or poor, optimist or pessimist, etc.) to achieve a better life. He explains useful concepts and principles using amusing, light-hearted stories and personal life experiences, which he backs up with empirical scientific study. The book not only presents the benefits one can receive from a more positive outlook, but the book also outlines a series of steps anyone can take on a daily basis to train their minds to be more positive, and I mean anyone!