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The map displays the location of our random acts of kindness with accuracy down to city and state level. You can zoom in to see more granularities; however the street locations are not the exact address where books were sent. If you click on the map marker it will display the specific book registration number for that location.

The area below displays journal entries recorded in our database. There are three categories of journal entries: comments specific to the book, general comments related to the happiness advantage and miscellaneous other comments. Comments related to a specific book list the book registration number in the title of the entry.


The book is an eye opening experience. It has helped me realize what happens when you focus on mistakes.  You get really good at it unfortunately and it spreads through you like weeds growing.


I very much enjoyed reading this book. It presented the material in a way that made it easy to read. While reading I saw many different ways that I could make changes in my life to improve my happiness. I wish that my company would implement some of these principles. Also I have started listing three things that I am happy about or grateful for every night before bed and encouraging my boyfriend to do the same. I am hoping we will both benefit from this. Thank you so very much for sending me this book!


This book changed my life. Although the title talks about fueling successes and performance at work, I believe this material has universal applicability. Everyone should read it! I began doing the daily exercises as soon as I finished the book, and felt myself gradually adopting a more positive outlook over the next couple of weeks. My biggest take away from the book is to focus my energies on the things I am able to control in my life and avoid worrying about what I cannot control.


As the end of my formal working career nears I find that the message and encouragement of the Happiness Advantage is helping me to be a better husband, father and grandfather..cause getting old is not for wimps...... I will be back in the book working on specific plans this weekend!!


Go out there and make this world a better place... BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE 1)Get your copy of The Happiness Advantage 2) Register it, Read it, Apply it & start telling others about your experiences!! 3)Donate and help spread the wealth of joy and happiness with the people who need it most! No longer constricted or confined by geographical location, we are at a turning point in the story of the human experience...Our society has come to a climax to just how much misery and malcontent we can tolerate. People are starting to lose it and the masses are crying out for help. We are all desperate for change. Let's each start where it counts the most... with ourselves. Acts of random kindness are a productive and easily enforced way to create change within ourselves and have a positive impact on the lives of others as well!


I have just received my copy of the book. I am sitting in anticipation of reading it and wanted to comment on how great an idea this is. I know a handful of people who would thoroughly benefit from having a tool like this in their life. I intend to spread the happiness once I have finished reading the book. I am ready to begin!

General Comment

I want to share and gain ideas from people who are also interested in positive pshchology.

General Comment

I really enjoyed the video, he was very personable and made it enjoyable to listen to by using humor. Typically it can be a boring topic, or a subject that I have no interest in, but he made it very easy to listen to and become interested in. Many of things he said made sense and made me look at things with a different perspective. Its good to have a more positive outlook on life, and he does a great job of helping us to see how we can get to that point.

General Comment

I wasn't sure what the "happiness" idea was for the first part of the video... he just shared a story from his childhood. Entertaining, but even 6 minutes through, I didn't know what his point was overall... he would mention something generally but not get into it. In the final two minutes, he finally got into some good points. There were good suggestions toward the end, some of which I already do.

General Comment

Sean Anchor explains Happiness so well during this presentation. Every time he was explaining an event, I pictured something similar that has happened in my life. The ideas he gives to create an overall happiness in your life are wonderful. I suggest anyone who has a chance to implement the ideas given in the book.

General Comment

I truly enjoyed watching "The Happiness Advantage" TED talk. Not only was it extremely funny and pleasant to watch, but the talk actually made a lot of sense when I thought about my own life. The part about how we need to switch the ordering of success leading to happiness especially struck home. Lately, I have been feeling rather unhappy with my life despite nothing particularly bad happening. I have a good degree, a good job, good friends, and a good family life; yet, whenever I heard of someone earning some award, accepting a dream job, or buying a new car, I felt like a miserable failure. But, by addressing my own happiness first, I can see how I might be able to both enjoy life and achieve more. I am going to try the "3 Gratitudes" exercise over the next 3 weeks to begin my path to happiness and, through happiness, even greater success.