Spreading The Happiness Advantage

Mapping the Spread of The Happiness Advantage

General Comment

I truly enjoyed watching "The Happiness Advantage" TED talk. Not only was it extremely funny and pleasant to watch, but the talk actually made a lot of sense when I thought about my own life. The part about how we need to switch the ordering of success leading to happiness especially struck home. Lately, I have been feeling rather unhappy with my life despite nothing particularly bad happening. I have a good degree, a good job, good friends, and a good family life; yet, whenever I heard of someone earning some award, accepting a dream job, or buying a new car, I felt like a miserable failure. But, by addressing my own happiness first, I can see how I might be able to both enjoy life and achieve more. I am going to try the "3 Gratitudes" exercise over the next 3 weeks to begin my path to happiness and, through happiness, even greater success.